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Sarah Beckette

Education Career and Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications and Theater, Northeastern Illinois University
  • Masters of Education, Early Childhood and Special Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

Approach to Learning and Teaching:
My teaching philosophy is rooted in my desire to effectively instill in each child the love for learning, alongside confidence in their own abilities to succeed. I believe that each child is a unique individual and as a teacher it is my job to create enriched, secure and stimulating, atmospheres for children to grow and mature in all aspects of their developmental growth. I bring a lot of warmth and energy into my classrooms and as an educator it is my responsibility to help children meet their fullest potential, by providing environments that foster a safe space for exploration, taking risks and the sharing of ideas. I believe the role of the teacher is to act as a guide, developing curriculum that fosters the children’s interests and allowing the children’s natural curiosity and passion to drive their learning.

I enjoy traveling and being outside in the sunshine; riding my bike, picnics in the park or reading on the back porch! I love live theater, music/concerts, fro-yo, baked sweets and coffee.