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Sustainability Update

Bravo to the Oscar Mayer students who planted our gardens this past spring! Most classes started seeds and transplanted their seedlings into our raised beds on the blacktop and as you can tell by the photos, the southern exposure and lots of rain helped to produce some amazing vegetables! Purple and green runner beans, zucchini’s the size of your head, so many varieties of lettuces, potatoes, swiss chard, purple peppers, beets not to mention the incredibly beautiful mammoth sunflowers and the crop of never-ending zinnias! We left the giant bed of mint alone and let it flower creating a landing pad for multiple types of pollinators…it was literally abuzz with honey bees (no wonder our honey tastes so minty). It is our hope to continue the gardening once school begins with some cold hardy plantings: kale, carrots, radishes.

The bees have been busy and it looks like we will have another great honey harvest this fall. Stay tuned!

Our chickens have loved being out of the coop to free range during the day this summer and one in particular gets an “A” for effort and ingenuity: Turbo Goose actually dug a hole in the dirt, slipped under the fence and escaped from the garden. Our superstar school clerk Reina Cabrera found Turbo Goose walking down the sidewalk and was able to pick her up and deliver her back to her own home turf! Unbelievable.

We lost one of our beautiful Buff Orpington’s this summer, the lovely Sugar Cookie. Just like Lady Cluck Rose, she too died of obesity so we have asked that no one feed the chickens anything besides their chicken food. Sugar Cookie will be sorely missed as she was a kid favorite and all-around nice hen.

If you would like to help with the gardens, the chickens or any of the other green initiatives we have at Mayer, please reach out to Anastasia Hinchsliff at adhinchsliff@cps.edu.