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Strike Uncertainty But We Are a Strong Community

Dear Mayer Community:

I am sure that many of you are feeling uneasy as we await news from the Chicago Teachers Union and CPS.  I do not have any answers as of yet.  I know the uncertainty of the teachers’ strike is incredibly unsettling for all of our families and teachers.  Mayer is a strong community and will remain strong through this difficult time.   This teachers’ contract negotiation is complicated, and has many members of this community conflicted.  It is important for our community to understand that the terms being negotiated are larger than Oscar Mayer.  Many points being debated are advocating for equitable public education for all children in the city of Chicago.  These are real issues for our teachers and for our children.   Some terms being negotiated we have been able to insulate ourselves from due to the enormous generosity of our community.  However, all of our Mayer staff makes a choice to work for Chicago Public Schools.  We believe in quality public education for all children.  I know that there are many feelings and opinions regarding the potential strike.  I am asking this community to understand that the Mayer faculty is dedicated and committed to your children.  We appreciate the community that we have built.  A community which has helped us to provide academic programs that we are incredibly proud of.  We will make it though this.

I am hopeful that families have been able to come up with tentative plans for your children for tomorrow, should there be a strike.  I am not expecting more than  5 staff members (could be far fewer) to be onsite at Mayer tomorrow.  I will continue to provide updates as I receive them.  I likely will learn of the strike, at the same time as you, when it hits the media late this evening.

Thank you,

Katie Konieczny
Oscar Mayer