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Principal’s Message

September 2, 2019

Dear Mayer Community,

Welcome Back! I am writing to send a few reminders and updates of key policies here at Mayer to ensure a smooth transition into the SY 2019-2020.


Attendance & Tardies
Our school day begins at 8:30am. Please follow the link for more district information on attendance.

All students that arrive after 8:30am should report to the main office to sign in. Students will then be given a tardy pass and directed to their classroom.

Entry Plan
● Adult supervision on the playground begins at 8:05am.
● Early childhood students may enter the building at 8:05am.
● The entry schedule is below:
8:05 am – EC Door 2
8:20 am – EL 1 (205, 108, 110, 201, 202, 203, 204) Door 4
8:27 am – EL 1 (113, 207) Door 3
8:27 am – Intermediate students will begin lining up to enter through Door 2
8:25 am – MYP Doors 5 & 7
● The dismissal schedule is below:
3:30 pm – EC Door 2
3:30 pm – EL 1 Door 3
3:30 pm – Intermediate Door 2
3:30 pm – MYP Doors 5 & 7
Please allow staff the first week to make any adjustments as needed once we have had an opportunity to observe this process. Please follow THIS LINK to see a map layout.

Moving Sidewalk
Moving sidewalk has been a service offered to our families to make drop off and pickup safer and more convenient for families. In the morning, we depend greatly on parent volunteers and will continue to need families to volunteer their time on moving sidewalk. We will continue to offer morning sidewalk service as long as we have enough parent volunteers.

Unfortunately, staff members can no longer work the afternoon moving sidewalk. Therefore, to start the school year, we are unable to offer afternoon pick up service. If there is a continued desire for this service in the afternoon, then we will need your help. We will need a Parent Coordinator as well as enough parent volunteers to reinstate this service. If you wish to volunteer as the Coordinator for the moving sidewalk, please email me at dndrayton@cps.edu so we can discuss this.

Parking Lot
Please do not park or pull into the school’s parking lot at any time. This is not allowed and causes a danger to our children during school hours, before school, and after school.

Dismissal is at 3:30 p.m. in the same location as arrival. For the safety of your child, please reinforce that he/she must say goodbye to the teacher before leaving with you. If your child attends St. Vincent de Paul, a staff member will walk your child to the bus. If your child attends Right At School (after school programming), he/she will remain in the building and be escorted to the cafeteria by a Right At School staff member.

Dropping Items Off for your Child
If you need to drop off an item for your child during the day, please leave it at the drop off table near the security desk at the main entrance. Classroom teachers check the table as they pass by it throughout the day. The office is unable to bring items to your children’s classroom during the school day in order to avoid disruptions.

School Fees
The school fee is $130.00 per child. The supplies purchased with the school fee include but are not limited to printer paper, ink cartridges, math curriculum, executive functioning binders, replacement of Montessori materials, as well as maintenance of various technologies throughout the building.

In addition, if you are able to contribute additional monies to the student fee, these funds will help to cover the cost for students who are unable to pay the school fee.

In September, you will receive several forms including an emergency form and lunch form. Please return them to school with your child as soon as possible. Your child will not be released to any adult if not listed on the emergency form. It is important that we receive a lunch form from every child, even if you believe that your family does not qualify.

Strive to be Nut Free
Please refrain from bringing any snacks or lunch items that contain nuts. If students are bringing lunch to school they are not allowed to bring nut products.

Approved Snacks
Approved snacks include only the following items: fruit, vegetables, cheese, beef jerky and/or pre-packaged goldfish, and Annie’s bunnies. Any snack brought to school that is not one of these items will be sent home with your child.

Below please find some general guidelines for communication when expressing concerns or comments regarding school matters.
● Your child’s teacher is the primary person you should speak to regarding your child’s progress. Teachers can be contacted via phone or email, however, they may not be able to respond to all email requests immediately. Please bear in mind that their first responsibility is to teach the students they have in the room, and teachers frequently do not have the ability to check their email until after the school day.
● Our Montessori and IB Coordinators are available to meet with parents regarding academic or behavioral concerns. They too can be contacted by email or phone.
● If you feel that your concerns are not resolved, or for concerns that cannot be addressed by the classroom teacher, you may contact Ms. Wontor-Leach and/or me. Our goal is to respond to all matters however during the school day our priority is teaching and learning. We will be checking emails periodically throughout the school day but please know it is possible that a response will not be provided immediately.
● If you or your child are having a challenge with another student, it is never okay to approach the other child directly. Behavior concerns with children other than your own, must be addressed with the classroom teacher or directly with the office.

Staffing Update
Staff Departures:
Abigail Smith
Thank you for your service, and I wish you much success this upcoming school year.

Staff Reorganization:
Margaret Claudy, Math Interventionist, will be the lead teacher in Room 205.
Katherine Abraham, 6th Grade Teacher, will be the teacher assistant in Room 110.
Adriana Roldan, Guidance Counselor Assistant, will be a Special Education Classroom Assistant.
Amy Anderson will continue to work with Diverse Learners. She will be the Case Manager and be responsible for all 504’s.

Welcome New Staff Members:
Ditra Backup – 6th grade teacher
Aareyon Rivers – EL1 Teacher Assistant
Joseph Delpino – EL1 Teacher Assistant*
Juliana Minasian – EL1 Teacher Assistant*
*candidates are currently in the onboarding process.

Hot off the Press
Band is coming to Mayer! 4th-8th graders: join the Mayer Band! Students will have an opportunity to try some instruments before signing up later in September.
CLICK HERE to learn about Mr. Manint, our new band teacher.
CLICK HERE for additional details about the Mayer band.
We are excited about this partnership and opportunity for our students.

Aspen Update
I continue to work with IT to resolve problems with Aspen. They are as follows:
● Kindergarten report cards – At the end of the school year, kinder reports were unable to be printed due to missing grades. I learned this week that there is still additional steps I need to take to fully resolve this issue.
● ASPEN parent portal – if you continue to experience problems with parent portal, please send an email to Reina Cabrera at rmcabrera@cps.edu

Construction Update
We anticipate that all major construction work will be completed by the end of September. The construction team is in the process of creating a punch list of any remaining work an/or resolve any concerns. Next week, there will be 3 construction workers on site to ensure that all equipment is fully operational.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the school. Here’s to a great start of the school year!

Danielle Drayton
Oscar Mayer Magnet School