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Principal’s Message

May 10, 2020

Dear Mayer Community,

I hope that this update finds you well and staying healthy and safe during this time.

As stated in the guidance document, “The challenge of defining what grading should look like during remote learning while moving students forward is a complex one.” So I wanted to express my sincerest thanks for your patience and understanding as we worked as a staff to unpack the 4th quarter grading guidance provided to teachers and parents at the end of April.

I wanted to provide an update on our grading practices and the proposed promotion policy:


I want to highlight some key points about our grading practices for the 4th quarter.
● Our grading practices will be focused on student progress and learning. We will not treat grades as a compliance measure, instead we will focus on ensuring that students are presented with opportunities to demonstrate mastery of the critical standards.
● Students should engage in the assignments provided by their teachers. In addition, they should participate in all live calls. If they are unable to attend the live session, teachers should be notified via email.
● In accordance with the guidance, teachers will grade assignments on a regular basis and enter them into the Gradebook using a traditional A–F scale.
● Students will not be penalized for late assignments.
● Students will be extended opportunities to retake assessments and redo any assignments that they may have scored poorly on.
● Teachers will provide feedback to students on a weekly basis through Google classroom or email.
● Speaking and Listening grades will not be provided for the 4th quarter.

CPS Grading Guidelines

Quarter 4 (Q4) Term Grade and Qualification
Letter Grade:
– Achieved a Q4 grade that met or exceeded student’s Q3 grade.

Pass (P) – GPA is not impacted:
– Participated in digital instruction and earned a Q4 grade below Q3 grade.
– No access to digital instruction but completed printed work packets.

Incomplete (/) – GPA is not impacted. Student is prioritized for Summer School:
– No access to digital instruction and did not complete printed work packets or engage with teacher.
– Had access to digital instruction and earned an F in Q4.

If the student…. and Final Grade
– Achieved a Q4 grade that met or exceeded student’s Q3 grade, then the final grade will be the average of all 4 term grades.
– Earned a Pass (P), then the final grade will be the average of their first, second, and
third quarter term grades.
– Earned an Incomplete (/), then the final grade will be an Incomplete. They will be prioritized for summer school.

For additional grade level specific information, please access the links below

E1 Grading
Intermediate Grading Policy
IB MYP Grading Policy
Essentials Remote Learning Grading Policy

Promotion Policy

The district will be recommending the Board of Education approve a modified promotion policy that will advance all elementary students to the next grade level in the fall.

For more information please visit:

Danielle Drayton