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Principal’s Message

April 3, 2020

Dear Mayer Community,

I can’t believe that we have come to the end of 3 weeks.  WOW!  We have done lots of adjusting, but I feel good about how much we have all accomplished, and I hope you feel the same too.

Though we have not been in school these past weeks, I know our students, teachers, and staff have been hard at work, so please take this time to rest, rejuvenate, and prepare for the transition to the remote learning plan.  Though we are not assigning new work, this week can be used as a catch up week and our staff is working on a list of additional educational resources and or projects that you are welcome to use as well.  This list is forthcoming.

Below I am re-sharing the district correspondence about spring break and important reminders.

Wishing you a great weekend and a great break!

Danielle Drayton


Dear CPS Family,

As we wrap up this week, we want to thank you for your strength and resilience. It has been encouraging to see the different ways our CPS family is supporting each other, and we hope you find this video as heartwarming as we do.

Although this is far from a typical school year, our district’s scheduled spring break is next week. We hope our families, teachers, and principals can use this time to rest and recover. Together, we are going to flip the switch on remote learning for the third largest school district in America in a matter of weeks—not years. Even in normal times, this would be a monumental effort. We encourage everyone to use spring break to catch their breath, and we will restart school virtually on April 13.

We have several important reminders and updates to share with you before break begins.

We’ve developed several resources to help you prepare for remote learning.

Our schools have been working hard to design remote learning plans that will provide our students with high-quality learning opportunities after spring break and through the remainder of the state-mandated closure. For more information about remote learning and enrichment activities, please visit cps.edu/remotelearning. As part of the district’s effort to make remote learning accessible for students in need, schools will be distributing more than 100,000 devices so students are able take part in learning activities at home. These devices include 65,000 school-based Chromebooks, laptops and iPads; 37,000 new devices; and additional devices through potential philanthropic contributions. Schools will be coordinating this effort with their respective school communities. We also developed this guide for families who wish to learn about different options for getting connected to the internet for remote learning.

Grab-and-Go meal sites have changed to better serve our communities.

To provide our families with the most consistent services while picking up grab-and-go meals during the closure and to better support school staff, food distribution sites will be changing. During spring break, families may pick up grab-and-go meals at more than 130 school sites across the city from Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Meal sites will not be open on Friday, April 10 to give our staff members off for Good Friday, and we ask families to plan accordingly. Beginning the following week, Monday, April 13, more than 270 schools that have been high demand distribution sites for families will be open to provide free meals. Find the meal site closest to you at cps.edu/mealsites.

Safe Passage routes will no longer be active while schools are closed.

Since the beginning of school closures, our Safe Passage workers have played an important and valuable role in supporting families as they access grab-and-go meals. Under the redesigned meal distribution plan, our families will be picking up meals along different routes that do not match up with our standard Safe Passage routes. Because of this change, Safe Passage workers will no longer be stationed on their usual routes. However, as part of our commitment to our staff, Safe Passage workers will continue to be paid. While schools remain closed, the district will partner with Safe Passage to identify other opportunities for workers to support families.

Filling out the Census is important to ensure our district gets the resources we need.

We encourage you to take some time over the next week to fill out the U.S. Census. Data from the Census helps ensure our city gets enough resources from the federal government. The more households fill out the Census, the more funding we will get to help invest in our schools and neighborhoods. You can fill out the Census online, by phone, or by mail. Please note that the Census does not ask for your immigration or citizenship status, and every response is confidential.

CPS stands with each and every one of you, and we will do whatever we can to help our school communities through this time.


Janice K. Jackson, EdD         LaTanya D. McDade
Chief Executive Officer         Chief Education Officer
Chicago Public Schools         Chicago Public Schools

April 1, 2020

Dear Mayer Community,

Below please find the update on the food distribution plan during Spring Break and the extended closure.

Please note the following:

  • We will continue to serve meals to families for the remainder of this week.
  • Beginning April 6, 2020, the school will be closed and there will be no food distribution at Mayer.
  • Starting April 13, 2020, the district will launch a consolidated meal plan where 276 schools that were frequented by families will continue to provide free meals for families.
  • Mayer will no longer be a distribution site.

Thank you to our lunchroom manager, Marilyn Liddell, and our lunchroom porter, Cornell Cook, for their dedication, commitment, and their hard work in preparing meals for Mayer.  We are grateful to have served families during this time.

Please know that even though we are no longer a distribution site, you may visit any of the schools listed to receive free meals.  I encourage you to visit those schools.  The closest site to Mayer is LaSalle Language Academy located at 1734 North Orleans.

Danielle Drayton


Dear CPS Families,

The health and wellbeing of our students and staff is always our top priority. Since the temporary closure of our schools due to COVID-19, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has provided 2.8 million grab-and-go meals to families, and we are committed to continue providing these meals during spring break and until CPS schools reopen. To provide our families with the most consistent services while picking up grab-and-go meals during the closure and to better support school staff, food distribution sites will be changing beginning Monday, April 6.

During the district’s scheduled spring break, which begins Monday, April 6, families may pick up grab-and-go meals at 136 school sites across the city from Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–1 p.m. A detailed list of spring break meal sites is available here. Beginning the following week (Monday, April 13), the district will launch a consolidated meal plan under which 276 schools that were most frequented by families will continue to provide free meals, and schools that were less utilized by families will no longer serve as distribution sites.

By consolidating sites, we will have more staff available to support each school—which will help ensure meal sites do not need to close in the event of staff absences. Lunchroom staff who are not working or assigned to a meal site will continue to be paid and be able to stay home and practice social distancing. Additionally, by reducing the number of meal sites, we will also be able to reduce the number of principals and assistant principals who are overseeing meal distribution each day, which will provide additional time for principals to support remote learning, which launches district-wide on April 13.

For the remainder of this week, CPS families can pick up free grab-and-go meals from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. at any CPS school. For the full list of  meal sites open during spring break and under the consolidated site plan beginning April 13, please visit cps.edu/mealsites or call 773-553-KIDS. Meal sites will not be open on Friday, April 10 to give our staff members off for Good Friday, and we ask families to plan accordingly.

Supporting our families in the midst of this public health emergency is so important to us, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as our plans and resources evolve. Please continue engaging in social distancing as we work to slow the spread of this pandemic.


Janice K. Jackson, EdD            LaTanya D. McDade
Chief Executive Officer             Chief Education Officer
Chicago Public Schools            Chicago Public Schools


March 31, 2020

Dear Mayer Community,

This afternoon, we all learned that Governor Pritzker has extended the school closure to April 30, 2020.  I am sure that this announcement may have caused you to experience tons of emotions, thoughts, concerns about all things, stress and even some frustrations too.  I likewise have experienced many of the same feelings however I am trusting in the leadership of our state, city, and the district.

As stated below, I recognize that this has been a challenge for everyone.  Moving to this platform of instruction has not been easy but give yourself a much deserved  “Pat on the Back” because you have done it with such dignity and grace.  I encourage you all in these moments to give some consideration in doing some of the following things:

  • Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them as you implement the schedule that works best for you and your family.
  • Take moments to breathe and take in some fresh air (even if by window only).
  • Reflect on the things going well, moments you have now that you didn’t have before, and treasure them all.

Please know that the staff and I are working diligently on creating a comprehensive remote learning plan that will support our students.  Together we can ensure that our students are participating in meaningful experiences and continuing to practice and learn new skills.  This is not easy and we are bound to make some mistakes, but I believe in the Mayer community and I trust in our deep commitment to our amazing students/children.

Danielle Drayton


Dear CPS Parents, Families, and Staff,

This past month has been an unprecedented challenge for all of us. As difficult as it has been to see our normal lives put on pause, we are incredibly proud of our CPS family and how you have moved to protect the health of our city. Today, Governor Pritzker announced that the state-wide mandated school closures will be extended through April 30.

As hard as this is, it is what we need to do in order to keep our city safe, and we promise that we are working diligently to support our students, families, and staff members through these closures.

Important Reminders

Healthy meals are available to our students.
Since our schools closed, over 2.1 million free grab-and-go meals have been provided to CPS families. Families can continue to pick up grab-and-go meals at their neighborhood CPS school from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Remote learning will begin on April 13, 2020.
Earlier this week, we announced our Pre-K–12 remote learning plan to keep our students engaged, learning, and connected to their school community during the closure.

  • Remote learning assignments and activities will only improve student grades. Our aim is to increase learning, not to negatively impact our students during school closures.
  • The district will be distributing more than 100,000 devices to help narrow the digital divide during this period.
  • Please visit cps.edu/remotelearning to learn more.

You can take crucial actions every day to help protect yourself and your community.

If you need help locating medical care, please reach out to the CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness at oshw@cps.edu or by calling the CPS Command Center at 773-553-KIDS (5437).

We will get through this together.


Janice K. Jackson, EdD            LaTanya D. McDade
Chief Executive Officer             Chief Education Officer
Chicago Public Schools            Chicago Public Schools


March 29, 2020

Dear Mayer Community,

It is hard to believe that schools have been closed for 2 weeks! I definitely miss the buzz in the school hallways occupied by students and teachers.

I wanted to provide you with a brief update and future next steps:

Learning Resources
● As I mentioned in my previous update, every Sunday you will receive a weekly update from each grade level band. This update will provide an overview of the learning expectations for the upcoming week and any other helpful information to support you and your childs learning.
● Please follow this link to find the Essentials weekly update.
● Mayer specific learning packets will be made available in both digital and non-digital formats. Please complete the Student Learning Materials Hard Copy Request Form if you would like a hard copy of the learning materials for your child. Hard copies of learning materials will be made available for pick-up at the Mayer Main Entrance on Tuesday-Fridays from 10:30 am – 1 pm. If you come to the school to pick up the packet, please buzz the main office and wait at the door for the packet to be brought to you. If there are multiple families picking up materials please be sure to practice social distancing while you wait for your materials. If you have multiple children and would like hard copies for each child, please fill out one request for every child.
● If you are interested follow this link for the districts remote learning packets for additional practice and enrichment, they will be available on Monday, March 30, 2020 in digital format only.

ISBE Remote Learning and Grading Guidance
● On March 26th & 27th, school leadership throughout the district participated in professional learning about the remote learning plans during this extended closure. These sessions provided an overview of the plan, outlined expectations, and provided an extensive timeline of action steps. As you can imagine, a wealth of information was provided and there is a need for school leadership to synthesize the information and define what these expectations look like at Mayer. You will have more information about Mayer’s remote learning plan no later than Monday, April 6, 2020. Moving
forward, beginning April 13, 2020, CPS will officially move to a remote learning platform as defined by the Illinois State Board of Education.
● This week, I will be providing extensive professional learning to staff about the remote learning platform, technology programs and resources, and finally we will determine a comprehensive plan that is aligned with the guidance.
● More information is forthcoming this week that will provide guidance on grading practices during the extended closure and technology accessibility.
● Last, I recognize that many of you have questions about the long term impacts of this school closure. Please know that these decisions can’t be made at the district level alone. Due to the nature of this pandemic, these decisions require ongoing collaboration and guidance with the Federal government, the Illinois State Board of Education, our Governor, and lastly our Mayor. Once these decisions are made, guidance is provided to school leadership. I respectfully ask for your patience, understanding, and support during this time.

Technology Needs
● Thank you to those families that have responded to the technology needs survey. If you haven’t responded, please follow the link to complete the survey.
Mayer Technology Student Needs Parent Survey
● Please help spread the word to families who may not be able to access the form and or who you know may not have access to technology. The goal is to provide devices to families in need.

Community Support
● Meals will be served from 9:00 am- 1:00 pm daily during the school closure. Families who would like to pick up meals can come to Door 1 during those hours. If you know of any families whose children do not attend Mayer, please let them know that all families are welcome.

Danielle Drayton