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Student Council

Student Council

Oscar Mayer Magnet School’s Student Council is dedicated to bringing opportunities to the students of Mayer Magnet that foster a sense of community and support while accepting the roles of peacemaker, leader and role model throughout the building. While Student Council has a presence throughout the building, we pride ourselves on four main events a year.

Early in the school year, the Student Council conducts a coin drive to help raise funds for our big projects throughout the year. The money goes to fund our blanket project materials and our spaghetti dinner/talent show needs and is our only source of income for the projects we produce.

In the final week of classes before winter break, every student at Mayer magnet has the opportunity to have a hand in making a no-sew fleece blanket or a greeting card. We donate these blankets and cards to area shelters and nursing homes with the intention of giving back to our community. The blanket project is funded in part by our coin drive but we rely on the donations and generosity of our Mayer families to make our goal of at least 100 blankets a year. This project has become a tradition at Mayer that students and staff get excited about. Students are assigned times with other kids who are not their age or grade level. This offers each student the opportunity to meet and work closely with a new friend they might otherwise know. We have donated as many as 250 blankets to three organizations in years past and every year we hope to be able to provide a nice holiday gift to someone in need.

Student Council hosts a few small fundraisers throughout the year as a service to our students. In February, Student Council sells suckers, pencils, and a card to students and parents to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day is another holiday we like to offer small gifts and cards for our students to take home to their mothers.

Knowing the halls of Mayer are flowing with talent, Student Council sponsors our Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show. Auditions are open to any student grades 1 – 8 and students can share whatever talent they like. Our Student Council kids, with the help of numerous teachers and staff, set up, serve and clear our tables. Although it’s a long day, our members are ready to help in whatever way they can. The proceeds from the tickets sales go toward supporting a Spring Fine Arts Showcase for our MYP Students.



“Student Council is fun and is about teamwork. I feel good that I can help my community. ” — Andres V., 8th Grade Student

“I have seen [Student Council] promote leadership in and out of the classroom” — Shannon Mahoney, EL2 Teacher

“Student Council gives our student opportunities to be responsible and has brought a sense of community to our school” — Katie Abraham, 6th Grade Teacher

“I am lucky enough to work with self-motivated, caring individuals that have a vision for their school. The work and professionalism our Student Council members provide makes me proud to be part of their group.” — Melissa Hooker, Student Council Sponsor