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What do we see when we take the time to really look

September 18, 2015 This week I have taken a lesson from room 108!  I was invited into the classroom to watch the children’s presentations from the Nature Walk they had gone on earlier in the week.  Each group moved to the front of the classroom.  One child read a descriptive piece that the team had […]

A Stellar Start

September 10, 2015 As the conclusion of the first week comes, I am excited to report that we had an excellent and smooth start to the school year.  The best part of the week was to see all of our children’s smiling faces enter the building.  Each of them looking slightly older, and eager to […]

Turbo Goose is on the loose..

August 27, 2015 Keeping you updated from the inside!  This is my new blog to keep the Mayer community informed on what is happening from inside the walls of Oscar Mayer.  Don’t worry!  Ms. Cabrera saved Turbo Goose (one of our Delaware Chickens), after she had escaped the fenced in yard.  Next time you come […]