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Note from Principal Katie Konieczny – LSC Elections

April 13, 2016

Dear Mayer Community

I want to take a moment to thank all of the candidates that ran for the Oscar Mayer Local School Council. It is wonderful that we have so many vested and dedicated parents and community members. The next LSC will be comprised of:

Parent Representatives
Peter Talmers
Kirsten Villers
Amy Zemnick
Christopher Ball
Emily Herrick
Mark Sassower

Community Representatives
Cathy Stix
Blair Schoell

Teacher Representatives
Elizabeth Scalia
Nolan Hanson

Non-Teacher Representative
Candace Cook-Bey

Unlike many Chicago Public Schools, we had more candidates than spots on our council. I would like to especially thank the following parent representatives for committing and running for our council: William Choslovsky, Keri Toback, and Rohit Chandra. I also want to thank Brenton Rupple for running for our community representative position.

I look forward to continuing my work with all of you moving forward.

Thank you again,

Katie Konieczny
Oscar Mayer Magnet