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LSC Update Regarding Principal Search


June 28, 2017


Oscar Mayer Community:

As promised, this will be the first of many updates regarding your LSC’s progress as we search for a new Principal to lead Mayer.  Here are our activities over the past week:

  • Your LSC met with a representative from the Office of LSC Relations.  The meeting covered a training update regarding the Principal selection process so we are up to date on all procedural requirements.
  • I met with Katie and Network 4 Chief Ernesto Matias, as much of what the LSC does during the selection process must be approved by the Network office.
  • We have formulated ideas of how to best get input from all stakeholders during this process.  This will include the formation of a Principal Selection Advisory Committee, a community-wide survey, as well as the opportunity for community members to speak directly with LSC members at a prescheduled time. 
  • Click this link to our survey.
  • Several LSC members have had conversations to accelerate our learning curve by reaching out to existing and retired Principals within CPS as well as parents and LSC members at schools that have recently been through the selection process.

As far as a timeline is concerned, our goal remains to hire the next leader of Mayer as soon as possible.  That said, we will not hold ourselves to artificial deadlines.  We will conduct a thorough search to find the right fit for our community.

I encourage anyone interested to attend our next public meeting on Monday July 10th at 6pm in the Mayer 2nd floor library.  In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any other members of the LSC at oscarmayerlsc@gmail.com.


Mark Sassower

Chairman, Mayer LSC