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Letter to the Community from Principal Katie Konieczny

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As I prepare to open up the school for the 11th year at Oscar Mayer, I have an overwhelming feeling of excitement and pride.  Over the summer there has been a lot in the news regarding CPS and budget difficulties.   During a time when many Chicago Public Schools are seeing a decline in enrollment and massive programmatic cuts, Oscar Mayer is growing.  We have been able to maintain our Montessori and IB programs, we have added Math Intervention support, as well as added an 8th ELI classroom.  I am proud to lead this school and work with a committed community of parents and educators to provide an exceptional elementary experience for all students.  We are fortunate to have a community that has vested their time and resources to support the vision of the school.  Without the financial support from Friends of Mayer, our school would look drastically different.  I can say with certainty our class sizes would be significantly higher, our auxiliary course offerings would be significantly reduced, our ability to provided targeted interventions in both reading and math would not exist, and much, much more.

I am humbled by the generosity this community has demonstrated.  It is your support that has kept our team of educators motivated to remain at Mayer and carry out our unique work here.  We appreciate every hour spent volunteering for school events, the endless hours spent organizing our incredible fundraisers, every rainy or freezing cold morning spent assisting our children during entry, every effort put forward to support the work of our amazing teachers, and of course every dollar donated to support the school.  We could not do this work without your support.  I thank you for the trust you demonstrate by sending your children to our school each day.  We are committed to your children, and we look forward to another great year at Mayer.

Thank you,

Katie Konieczny
Oscar Mayer