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Friends of Mayer Supplements CPS Budget

Minimizing Cuts to Classrooms in 2016-17

As we embark upon a new school year together, the strength of the Mayer community becomes more apparent every day. Without your generosity in donating both time and dollars to our school, the administration and teachers could not provide our students an outstanding Mayer education. Your support is what insulates our school from major cuts that other schools around Chicago are facing. And for that we say THANK YOU!

Friends of Mayer (FOM) is proud to be a driving force within this truly remarkable community. We are thrilled to announce that FOM was able to commit $557,986 to supplement the budget CPS provided Mayer for the 2016-17 school year.  Our ability to supplement Mayer’s budget is due in part to your increased support at the Mayer Magnet Benefit and the Miles for Mayer Walkathon last year.  We, as a school and community, should feel fortunate to have minimized cuts felt directly in our children’s classrooms.

While the strained financial situation of CPS lends an air of uncertainty for what the future holds, we are certain together we can weather the storm. Through your generosity, during the upcoming school year FOM aims to exceed our financial commitment to Mayer for the 2017-18 school year, as well. We know together – as a community – we can keep Mayer great!

This year’s fundraising campaign will kick off on October 17th with our annual Pledge Drive. Then in 2017, FOM will gear up for another fabulous Mayer Magnet Benefit at Salvatore’s on March 31st and conclude with the Miles for Mayer Walkathon on June 9th. In addition to these fundraising efforts, FOM has an exciting calendar of community-wide social events planned throughout the year. For more information, and to keep up to date with fundraising and community news, please visit FOM’s new website at www.friendsofmayer.org.

You – as parents – are an integral part of FOM’s success! Thank you for your support and working to Keep Mayer Great in the new school year!

2016-17 FOM Board
Michelle Augustyn
Ursula Guyer
Nisha Hazra
Margot Kleinman
Jen Jones
Stacey Kaplan
Erin Kerewich
Pam Lookatch
Roona Shah
Erika Vogel
Julie Zwick