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FOM Summer Action Items


As the school year winds down, Friends of Mayer wants to Thank all the families who have attended our community events and participated in our fundraising programs this year. Without your support, Friends of Mayer would not be successful in building a strong community or raising over $580,000 so far this year.

Once again, we ask for your help over the summer with two important ways for you to support Mayer:

1.) Give to the Pledge Drive by June 30

As Principal Konieczny mentioned in her email to parents last week, we cannot fundraise our way out of the budget situation this year. That said, every dollar raised between now and June 30th is critical to keep more of our programs whole next year.

If you are in the 50% of the community who have not yet made your contribution, please consider donating any amount that is comfortable for your family to help Mayer maintain its standards of excellence for next year.
If you are part of the 50% of the community who has contributed already, we thank you and ask you to consider an additional contribution that is comfortable for your family.

Please click HERE to contribute today and keep Mayer great!

2.) Support our Mayer Business Sponsors

This year, Friends of Mayer has partnered with many local and parent-owned businesses asking them to support our school with both cash and in-kind donations. These donations contribute to the dollars raised this year and now it is our turn as a community to say Thank You.

Please click HERE to view our Mayer Supporter Directory on the top right hand corner of the FOM website. Take note of the businesses that support our school and frequent these businesses that give to our community. When visiting these businesses, let the owners know that you are from Mayer and that their generosity is appreciated. By doing so, you are helping us build a strong community of loyal Mayer Supporters. This in turn will help us raise money and awareness of our amazing school for years to come.

Thank you again to all of the Mayer families who have participated in FOM events and have generously donated to our beloved school all year long. Without your support, Mayer would not be the great school and community that it is today.

Enjoy your summer! See you in the 2016-2017 school year!

Yours in Mayer Pride,

Pam Lookatch
Friends of Mayer President