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Entry Plan

We had an excellent first day of school.  It was wonderful to see all of the children back in the building.  You may have noticed a new bell schedule this morning.  We are still working out the tweaks.  Below are the details of how entry will change for some of the grade levels.

Entry Plan:
Adult supervision on the playground begins at 8:05.  Please do not leave your child unsupervised prior to 8:05 am.
Early Childhood may enter the building at 8:05.
There are 4 bells that ring each morning:

8:05 – signifies staff will report to supervision duties

8:20 – ELI and MYP will line up to enter the building.  ELI and MYP will enter the building after the 8:20 bell with teacher assistants.  All students will come off of the field as well.

8:27 – ELII students will line up

8:30 – ELII students enter the building

ELI parents please stand back from the ELI lines in the morning and afternoon. This allows us to follow our procedures and provide safety for all students.
Thank you for your cooperation with this plan.  We are working to maximize your children’s instructional day.

Katie Konieczny
Oscar Mayer