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Easy Ways to Get Involved NOW!

Hey, Parents!

Today’s your lucky day: We have a simple way that YOU can do a bit to raise more money for our school.

In order for the auction at the March 11th Benefit to be a success, we need lots of donations! Please think of any businesses that you could ask to donate something – anything, truly — to our school. What’s in it for them? The opportunity to get exposure for their business to over 400 families in the area, in addition to helping the school and the community. Think about your personal connections or places that you frequent.

Is there a restaurant, a store, an exercise class, a children’s class, a spa or any number of businesses that you go to all the time that you could ask? They want you to come back! Mention that you are a regular customer and that you would really appreciate a donation. And we’re also looking for airline miles, hotel or condo stays, sporting event or concert tickets, etc. We’re open to any and all ideas!!

We would welcome in-kind donations (for the auction) and of course monetary donations – and we can creatively help any business put together a package in order to reach the level of publicity they desire.

PLEASE bring a copy of the Donation form, intro letter and supporter benefits to any business you can think of. You should have received these documents in your child’s backpack, and we’ll be sending them out as attachments in room parent emails as well. You can also access them here: http://mayermagnet.org/parents/mayer-magnet-benefit-2016/auction/ Or you can email Stacey Kaplan at donations@friendsofmayer.org with any questions or donation ideas or she can send you copies of the documents too.

Please note that all donations are due on February 19th! And then get ready to bid on everything at the online auction that will begin on March 2nd.

Thank you so much in advance for everyone’s help on making this year’s auction and Benefit a huge success – we can’t do it without you!