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Budget Update

Dear Mayer,

As we enter August and begin final preparations for the upcoming school year, I would like to take this time to provide our community with an update regarding our recently approved budget.  Mayer did experience a significant budget cut slightly over $300,000.  This cut came through the per pupil fund, the State Chapter I funds, and the Title II funds.  With a cut this size, we needed to take a close look at every program, person, and instructional support item we have in place.  There were two considerations we kept in mind during this process.  First, we looked at the impact on children.  How many children benefit from this program, staff or item, and how deeply they are impacted.  Second, we focused on maximizing the time our staff spends with children teaching in their area of expertise.

Sadly, after a thorough process, we came to the conclusion that we needed to reduce our Auxiliary team from 7 teachers to 6 teachers.  Each homeroom can only have one auxiliary class per day, based on the required hours in all content areas.  A 7 person team creates a significant surplus in time where auxiliary teachers are not teaching students in their area of expertise. Reducing the team to 6, maximizes the amount of time teachers are teaching students in their area of expertise.  Considerations in determining this position were program requirements, areas of surplus, and a required CPS human resources review.   Next year we will be losing the Visual Arts position. Based on the outcome of these considerations, we will be losing Catherine Lapping.  She has been the visual arts teacher and an important member of this community for the past 10 years.  Her dedication to arts instruction has been greatly appreciated, and losing any member of our staff is certainly difficult.

We will continue to provide a unique learning experience for all students.  We are fortunate to be able to offer students instruction in World Language, Physical Education, Drama, Music and Library/Design.  We will be providing more updates regarding staffing in the near future.  We hope that you are able to enjoy the remainder of your summer, and look forward to seeing you in September.

Thank you,

Katie Konieczny
Oscar Mayer