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Fine Arts

Mayer has been a Fine & Performing Arts Magnet Cluster school since 1999, predating the Montessori and IB programs. This status has allowed Mayer to offer visual art, music, and drama to our students and requires that arts be integrated into the curriculum. Students in all grades give public performances during the year.

Music at Mayer

Primary Years

In the primary grades (Montessori Early Childhood & Elementary One) students will develop their movement, singing, listening, taking turns and participation as an individual and a class. The early childhood classes will present one concert this year, singing winter songs, on Friday, December 14th at 10:00 in our gymnasium. Early childhood parents can text “@earlychi” to 715-407-4342 to receive updates about our program.

Elementary Level One students will work toward integrating various cultures with the music and dances of the countries studied in their classrooms. EL1 parents can text “@EL1” to 715-407-4342 to receive updates about our program.

Intermediate Grades Music

Our EL2 students will learn to play the recorder. Students will be given with their own instrument and music. Regular practice at home is required and students will work toward presenting a short recital toward the end of their quarter of music. Students will also have the opportunity to work on their singing skills as an ensemble. Sight singing, solfa, rhythm, listening, blend and rehearsal & performance techniques will be our focus. Students will have an opportunity to perform in the community at least once during their time in music. EL2 students and parents can text “@el2” to 715-407-4342 to get updates about our program.

IB MYP Music

The MYP music program takes a holistic approach to introducing students to the concept of ensemble through a beginner chorus. Students are given instruction in performance, rehearsal, music literacy, listening, music history, community relations, and intercultural and cross-curricular connections. Students are encouraged to be caring risk-takers and to communicate their skills within the classroom and the community. Through reflective journals and performance, students will evaluate themselves and their peers. All students document their learning in their developmental workbooks. These workbooks include planning, practice, final products and reflections. MYP students & parents can text “@mypmus” to 715-407-4342 to get updates via text message.

The link below is to the “Building Curriculum, Community & Leadership thru the Arts” website. Here Mayer parents (and other interested parties) can search/view units of instruction posted by Mayer’s Art, Drama & Music teachers.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Mayer focuses on problem solving and critical thinking skill development and align with Illinois State Standards and Common Core standards for the Arts. In Visual Arts, students are able to develop an understanding and an appreciation for the Arts as a whole, while exploring the creative process through thinking about, looking at and creating works of visual arts.

While our journey is rooted in the fundamentals of design, Visual arts classes focus on the process and active participation to foster self esteem and discovery.

Emphasis is placed on a deep understanding of the basic elements and principles of design.

Montessori students are encouraged to become more independent in the process of education through hands on works created specifically for the exploration of concepts of art and art history.

MYP/IB classes are designed for students to be able to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed choices in their artwork and in their commitment to their education. As they grow, MYP/IB students are able to transfer this understanding to everyday situations becoming more and more aware of the impact their decisions and consequences have on their own lives and the lives of others. Through the use of Developmental Workbooks, MYP/IB students are required to take responsibility for their own education, creativity and personal growth.


In Drama students develop an understanding of how to use their acting tools; body, voice, emotions and imagination.  Through theater games, vocal exercises, story-telling and movement activities Early Childhood students focus on developing language and listening skills as well the beginning skills for telling and reenacting stories.  Students practice conveying characters’ emotions and actions. EL 1 and E2 students continue and build on this exploration further developing pantomime skills,understanding elements of character as well as reading and presenting scenes and stories.  Students present collaborative works on stage in the Drama classroom and participate in a performance in the gym at Mayer.

Students in MYP Drama continue their discovery of how to be more skillful actors, listeners, performers and ensemble members.  Reflecting on the creative process is an integral part of the class and students engage in creative and critical inquiry, evaluation and communication.  Students apply their collaborative skills as ensemble members and have performance opportunities each year.