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A Special Thank You From FOM!  


This year, Friends of Mayer worked to convey a message of gratitude to members of our community for being so generous of their time and financial resources in support of our great school. We continue to be grateful for all you do, and hope you feel appreciated.

We want to take a step back and thank Pam Lookatch, the outgoing President of FOM, for her incredible service over the past two school years.

Under Pam’s leadership, FOM has raised over $1 million, ensuring that our school not only remains whole and weathers the budget crisis, but continues to have the opportunity to excel. And while fundraising remains the core of FOM’s mission, Pam and her teams of volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure our community remains strong, creating new events like Fall Fest and expanding old favorites like the Spring Benefit.

Pam has poured her mind, her heart, her time and her purse strings into this job.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of working alongside her knows she is ready to take on any task no matter how big or how small and get her hands dirty. Her level of organization is unmatched as is her commitment. Our school is a better place because of her service and we are all better volunteers having had the pleasure to work with her.

Pam, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for our school.

With gratitude,

The 2015/16 and 2016/17 FOM Board of Directors