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2017-18 Mayer Budget Update


July 27, 2017


Oscar Mayer Community:

I am pleased to report that at the LSC meeting last night, after a detailed presentation of the proposed budget and a Q&A session, the LSC voted unanimously to approve the overall budget.  Mayer’s 2017-18 approved budget maintains all of our programming and initiatives from last year while also investing for the future.  This is a unique accomplishment in today’s environment.

The news we all hear regarding education funding for CPS is often troubling.  However, due to the incredible fundraising work done by Friends of Mayer, our collective diligence in financial planning, and our continued student population growth, we are able to sustain and grow our programs. We are fortunate that in a time of budget cuts we once again protected ourselves from some difficult decisions faced by many other schools.

We should all be proud in what we have achieved together.  Personally, as my family begins its 11th year at Mayer, I am proud that my children are part of such a supportive community and I look forward to what we will be able to achieve next.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at oscarmayerlsc@gmail.com.


Mark Sassower

Chairman, Mayer LSC